Scandinavian Star Ornaments Photo Tutorial

A few weeks ago my friend taught me how to make these cute Scandinavian Star ornaments in exchange for a pillowcase lesson! There are a million tutorials out there and a bunch of videos but I had a HARD time wrapping my head around what was happening while watching the videos and had to pause rewind play pause on repeat so… in case anyone is like me and ended up ignoring what they are explaining and just LOOKED at the still image to figure it out,  here is a photo journal of how I made these ornaments just now! I am by no means an expert and these crafts are a bit out of my wheelhouse so my terminology may be a bit wonky! Bear with me 😂. I’ll also link to some videos at the bottom of this post!

Here is a Scandinavian star!  It’s four strips of fabric all folded and tucked.  Thats it!  If you want to hang them on your tree just use a needle and thread to make yourself a little loop at the top.  If you want to ensure they stay together forever you could always put a stitch in each of the valleys between star points but they do stay together pretty well.

You need 4 strips of fabric 3” x  12”

Fold in half lengthwise and press

Now that you have a center crease, hold open…

and fold each side in towards the middle and press again

Fold back in half along your original crease and press again… you now have a double fold bias strip!  Repeat with all four strips.

Fold your four strips in half leaving one end just a bit longer than the other.  You can just finger press the fold, things are going to shift around a lot so don’t worry too much.

Here is where all the tutorials and their words really lost me 🙂  If what I’m saying doesn’t make sense, just try to make your pieces match the photos!

Place one folded strip inside the “loop” of another strip.

You’ll have one strips tails facing up and one strips tails facing left.

Slide another strips’ “loop” around the “tail” of your strip facing up.

Take your fourth strip and place your loop around the tails on the right…

and insert tails facing down through the last loop.

Pull the tails on opposite ends until you tighten the middle up a bit.

Flip it all over so that the longer side of the tails is facing up.

Starting with your bottom tails, take the top portion of the tail, flip it to the top and hold with your fingers.

Now take the left tail and flip the top over the first all the way to the right.

Hold that guy over there while you take the top tail and fold it down

Take your final tail on the right and flip to the left, and tuck under and through the loop created by the first fold you made.


tug all your tails to tighten things up again


You need three-ish inches for the next step so trim all your tails even with each other at about the three inch mark.


Ok, your strips around some will be coming from the back side and some will be coming from the front side.  Pick a strip thats coming from the BACK right now.  Fold at an angle OUT…..



then over on top to sandwich the triangles, then tuck your loose end into the inside of the star.

Do more!

Once all your ends are tucked give it a quick press and you’re good to go!


Here are MORE demos in case these photos aren’t your learning style!

Youtube Demo

MODA Blog tutorial

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