Four-at-a-time Geese & Directional Fabric

Are you working on a Meadowland Quilt? Meghan’s pattern uses the four-at-a-time geese method and then arranges them around the block. If you love a scrappy look you may not mind if your fabric faces all sorts of directions but if you’re anything like me… having your directional prints all line up just makes ya happy! Here is a photo tutorial to walk you through a check process to make sure your fabric is going where you want it!

I’m participating in the Meadowland Quilt-a-long and I’m using my new bundle! I think the Spring Fever Bundle looks SO great with my typical chambray background fabric!

Happy Quilting!

The interior fabric of your geese is your big square (lets call that A)… It will automatically line up directionally. You’ll get four pieces of that original square and they will make four geese that you can line up directionally. I promise!! Fabric B are the wings of your geese and THOSE we can control with a little attention.
Lay out your fabric B squares all in the same direction. You can see my sheep are all facing up. There are only two diagonals you can choose… mark two squares on one diagonal and two squares on the other diagonal.
Take your first two squares, that are the same diagonal, and lay them both on your Fabric A Square. Make sure they’re both facing the same direction. You can see my sheep are still facing up!
Sew your 1/4” seams and cut that guy in half!
Press your wings outward and now we’ll get to the important part!
Grab one of your Fabric B Squares and lay it out…
Fold one side up to test what it will look like after sewn… Does it match? Nope!
What about in this direction? Nope!
Turn it around!
Now flip up one side to check again… does it match? YES!
Sew your 1/4” seams and cut in half!
Press out your wings and admire your gorgeous geese.
Scoot them around and lay out until you’ve got them all facing the same direction!
Admire your block! Pretty pretty!

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