SUNRISE SUNSET : Mister Domestic’s Aura Blog Party

Would you believe me if I told you until now I had never used a print from Mister Domestic?! What?! When Matthew popped up to see if I was interested in getting on the blog hop train I thought… “clearly… ITS TIME”. Matthew has been putting out gorgeous prints with Art Gallery for a few years now and somehow none of them had climbed into my project stacks. Well that’s all changed now. I typically trend toward graphic prints with muted or neutral tones so I looked through Aura to see how I could blend my sensibilities with Matthew’s.

Matthew’s newest line Aura is this warm, tropically infused, collection of prints inspired by a trip to Hawaii with his daughter. I had a pattern in my back pocket that was just the ticket. As an ode to the men in the industry I busted out the Orbie pattern from Michael Caputo. It has this beautiful sunrise-sunset vibe that felt like the perfect match to Matthew’s Aura! I settled on four of the more graphic prints and thought it could be interesting to see how Aura can really span a variety of personalities from bold jewel-tone floral to a more streamline minimalist.

I decided to pare down the full pattern into a wall hanging and I think it turned out SO lovely!

Orbie Pattern can be found in Issue 55 of Quilt Now Magazine. You can grab a digital subscription or the paper issue is available to purchase from Pink Castle Fabrics!

Be sure to check out all the other makers on Matthew’s blog party!

Mister Domestic’s Aura Blog Party

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