Day Break Bundle & Pivot Quilt

I’ve had my eye on the Pivot Quilt Pattern by Modern Handcraft since her very first sneak peek last summer. The rub was that I was still nervous about curves!!! I put it on my wish list to snag the very first second that I was a little more confident and had time to make a quilt of my own choosing.

I went through the fabric I had in-stock pulling out my very favorites and took a peek at what I had on order and started to build my Pivot Quilt using my most favorite chambray (restock coming soon!) as the background!

What I ended up with is The Daybreak Bundle! I adore it’s warm coral reds, hints of metallic, and that floral on black. It felt just right for the cold winter mornings that feel a little deceptive when you’re looking out the window. Here in North Carolina, winter and spring are extra fickle seasons. You never quite know if it’s 35 degrees outside or 65 degrees outside!

The Pivot Quilt Pattern is super fun… it’s 50/50 curved blocks and half square triangles which means you get the impact of curves and still alllll the speed of a quick top!

To make cutting out curves easier I finally broke down and ordered a smaller rotary cutter and let me tell you… it made ALL THE DIFFERENCE! The 28mm blade made turning the curves a total breeze and I feel silly for not having one before now. I know it will make cutting out garments and paper piecing easier too.

I quilted my Daybreak Pivot with a 1” straightline grid and it felt just the right amount of graphic to complement the quilt but still feels loose and cozy and casual.

I backed it with the same chambray I used for the background fabric in my top and I nearly love the back as much as the front. Nearly 🙂

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